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By Gideon in Blog, MARRIAGE on November 21, 2016

Marriage is all beautiful and ought to be glorious, but can also be very though and turn sour if the couple (or one) is possessed with high expectation in all things, such will be driven with the spirit of assumption in almost all the time and the other (partner) will be suffering silently as if he or she is born with hidden or un-surfaced disability and the victim can also be possibly view as not knowledgeable, unintelligent, and un-spiritual enough.
Within a very short time, frustration will un-noticeably set in and gradual loss of relationship appetite will be the result.
So be careful to understand that all human are born with either visible or non visible weakness and christians are no exception.
So with the Spirit of God upon you, combined with agape love, always ready to impact on your spouse and not expecting so much from him or her! Only appreciate what he or she has grace to do in your relationship, accepting that it may be his/her ability from God for now and soon you continue to witness a gradual turn around in your life and marriage.
Paul Apostle said “But godliness with contentment is great gain. 1 Timothy 6:6”
Don’t ever forget to always appreciate God for giving him or her to you for a beautiful marital life and God bless you.

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