Rewards For Harvesters

by Pastor Rufus B Akinyele on September 22, 2018

Oh, what a joy in heaven over a soul who turns to the LORD God through Jesus Christ? Luke 15:7-10. What a joy it brings to one’s heart to lead a soul to Christ Jesus? What Fulfillment? What great reward it brings in this life and in the world to come? The Lord Jesus said, “The harvesters are paid good wages…” John 4:36
This comes in the form of:
• Perfect protection
• Provision even in times of drought
• Favor with God and man
• Insight into and revelation from God’s word
• Healing and health
• Being blessed and being a blessing
• The anointing of the Holy Ghost
• Perfect peace-peace that passes all understanding
• Shining as the stars for ever and ever Daniel 12:3
• Access to God’s secrets and those of the universe Ps 25:14,Deut 29:29
• Unquestionable conquest
• The abiding presence of God
• Every good thing of life Mathew 6:33
Are you sick in your body? Go and preach the gospel of Christ Jesus. Are you struggling financially? Go and liberate eternal souls who are milling to hell in their millions. Are you discouraged, disappointed, abandoned, abuse, reproached, made a laughing stock, told nothing good would come out of your Nazareth? Joyfully pick your Holy Bible and let the Holy Spirit help you change someone from serving dead gods to the Living and Wise God; what a blessing it will bring to your life!

About two years ago, I was travelling from somewhere in Ogun state to Iyana Ipaja in Lagos state [both in Nigeria]; there in the bus, I preached about God’s love in Christ Jesus. As I alighted from the bus at the final terminal, a man approached me and said, “Sir, look at some of my personal effects in my bag. I am on my way to be an apprentice to a herbalist for the next one year. Having heard God’s word however, I decided to have a word with you before going any further”. Four days later, all his charms and idols were burnt. What a joy it brought to my heart!
At another time, my wife and another sister providentially found themselves preaching to a Muslim man right there in his living room. As they were doing that, God’s power came on him; he fell down and vomited [without being touched at all]. When he arose, he said, “I give my life to Jesus.” Oh, what a joy! What a blessing!
Jesus said in John 4:36, “The harvesters are paid good wages…” and in Mathew 6:33, He said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you”. You want to see your needs met beautifully? Go and liberate eternal souls from the shackles of sin and of the devil.

About twenty –three years ago, there was no mosque in France. As at April 2008 however, there were over two thousands of them. About thirty- eight years ago, there was none in the United States of America. They are however, opening up everywhere now. America elected the first Muslim to congress in 2006. The divorce courts are packed full with unbelievers and Christians alike. The Rutgers National Marriage Project in her 2001 report said, “More than half of all first-time marriages in the United States of America end in divorce. The Barna Research Group conducted a national survey in America and came up with these findings:
• There is no statistical difference for Christians when it comes to divorce.
• The study also revealed that Baptists have the highest divorce rate of any Christian denomination and are more likely to get a divorce than atheist and agnostics [The Associated Press. “Baptists Most Likely to Divorce” December 30, 1999]. At this time when darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people, God is asking, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Don’t you think you need to respond positively to that? Don’t you think you have got to team up with God to salvage the people He created for His glory from the hands of the devil? He created only one man, preserved the world in the days of Noah through one man, He called Abraham alone, sent only a man to Egypt to preserve the whole world from famine, sent only Martin Luther to bring men out of darkness in his days, He sent only John Knox to deliver Scotland.
What God said in the days of Ezekiel, He is still saying today, “And I sought for a man—“Ezekiel 22:30 God needs a man-not a committee or a board of trustee. Somebody out there is crying unto God, “Oh God, send somebody to deliver me; send somebody to show me the way out of this wickedness and sinfulness of mine. Even right there in hell, the rich man needed somebody but albeit, too late. Why don’t you join the last day army of the Lord in signing and praying,
“Here am I send me [2ce]
When the Lord needs somebody
Here am I send me”
Finally, it is time for the Church to wake up from her sleep and slumber and under God, deliver this sin-laden, pleasure-loving, worldliness-inclined and adulterous generation from the perdition of hell. It is time to surrender completely unto the Lord Jesus so that He can break us down, remold us and use us to break into pieces the stony hearts of this untoward generation. And do you know what? Under God, you can do it! God can use you as one of His end time army to stem down and subdue the ravaging fury of the prince of darkness, stop the mouths of lions and establish His righteousness. Decide now!
Message by- Pastor Rufus B Akinyele.
Delivered on “Great Harvest 2016 annual anniversary at Faith Power Bible Church inc.

Preacher: Pastor Rufus B Akinyele

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