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15 Nov

Use of Jewelry and Make-up

PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE OF RCCG SPEAKS ON MAKE-UP, JEWELRY, WIGS & BLEACHED HAIR: Below are the details of what he said: The elders have a say, if children of the same mother enters into a room to talk and come out smiling, they have not told each other the truth. Alright so in the next […]

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20 Oct


WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT DRINKING ALCOHOL If as a Christian you are still arguing for a little alcohol, you need help URGENTLY!!! THE TRUTH YOU SHOULD KNOW; In the Old Testament kings and priests were not to take alcohol; others could do. For those who were allowed to take alcohol in the Old Testament […]

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15 Sep

The Great Light

How does people feel especially when they experience complete black-out (no electricity) for a whole week, definitely you will agree with me that there will be a complete breakdown of life; virtually all things will be paralyzed. And this is the facts about life “no light, no life”, “And God said let there be light, […]

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13 Aug

What is your ANSWER?

IF YOU SHOULD DIE NOW, DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU WOULD GO TO HEAVEN? The important question is not whether you are a church member, or if you live a clean life and do the best you can. If you cannot answer. “Yes” to the above question, then God has sent this message to you. […]

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15 Jul

Enemy at the door!

Somebody called out to you suddenly as you walked along and said “friend Watch-Out, enemy approaching”! I want you to imagine what your response would be. I am sure you will first-of-all stand still, pulse for a moment and quickly take a decision. I know that your decision could be either of this two: You […]

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