Day: November 25, 2020

WORD-AFLAME LEADERSHIP COLLEGE Exclusive Insights To The Financial Management In Marriage

Exclusive Insights To The Financial Management In Marriage

By Gideon in Blog on November 25, 2020

“Incurring Debt Unnecessarily in your Marriage is a sign of bad financial management, it will further unnoticeably destroy so many other things”

In this post, I will not speak about joint account or common purse in marriage, but I want to shed more light on the attitudes of couples to money or income generally.

I have heard about so many couples daily praying and working harder to earn money, but amazingly they are engulfed in the habit of wasteful spending or lavishly.

And it posses danger to the relationship, although this can be traced to the background of the couple or other social influences. It is so sad to hear of many couples who are rich yesterday and today they are struggling to survive.

It will also be unfair to blame anyone for any misfortune when we are actually ignorant of what it takes to have a successful life with marriage.

But here, I resolve that things can progressively change for better, and this is the essence of this article.
Therefore, standard must be set and positive decision must be jointly made by the couple to have a beautiful life in the marriage and these followings points on the marital financial lifestyle can be reset appropriately.

1. Set A Goal.
One of the important things in marriage especially at the very beginning of the marriage through to progressive stage, couple should immediately set goals for both short and long term, that which they wanted to achieve in and with their marriage.

Goal will prompt the couple to be cautious with their income if it’s truly pursued.
Goal will also allow the couple to be focused with reduced distractions, and will help them to concentrate on how to spend their money together.
Living a debt free life will afford you of been a discipline and focused couple.WORD-AFLAME LEADERSHIP COLLEGE Exclusive Insights To The Financial Management In Marriage 2. Live On Your Income.
Believe in your income at present, it can work wonders if you are not living above it.
Allow your income to check mate and caution your expenses. If possible desist from buying things on credit. Maintain a normal, humble life style, so you can live your life not based on assumption but real with peace of mind.
Don’t always judge your life by the standard of living and lifestyle of other couples around you.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.-1 Timothy 6:6”.
Learn to appreciate your income no matter how much, knowing that progress will be evident as time goes on.

3. Plan For Future.
This is very crucial in marriage relationship, the adage goes on ” if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”
Adequate planning for the future can be an asset since future is always a misery to the human race. The fear of uncertainty must not rule in the marriage, but confidence and faith in God.

The fact will still remains that tomorrow is not certain and so you must plan adequately for the future in managing your income wisely.

No one has ever thought that the whole world will experience economy shut down because of the pandemic. You must have a financial back up to fall on at the time of crises in the marriage. Security of future with income is important from now.

4. Live Consciously.
Be aware that life is precious when you are conscious of the fact that your marriage is exclusively yours.
There’s no sense in wishing good luck when the couples are already doing things wrongly.
The pattern of your lifestyle should not pose danger to the future of your life and marriage, you may not be able to bear the pain and agony of carelessness.

Life has no duplicate, be sensitive to your spouse’s and children’s health, make sure you do all that is needful as quick as you can to avert danger that may possibly incurred unnecessary spending. Live consciously well today to enjoy tomorrow.

5. Save More, Spend Less.
This is a cardinal point in lasting marriage, financial success is a choice, do it right it will work, do it wrongly it will backfire.
Get prepare for the reality of life, migrate from spending couple to saving couple, save more to enjoy more of the benefits that life offers.

Stop buy things that are not necessary for now, but only the important ones, buy things that are needed for now and suspend others. Curtail your expenses, invest more on profit yielding projects and investments.

Attend seminars on creating a productive lifestyle, talk to financial experts and seek credible counseling. Work together as a team- couple to realise the dream of your beautiful marriage, keep on saving for great life ahead.
Finally, take this lesson:

Don’t eat your seed, only the fruit !WORD-AFLAME LEADERSHIP COLLEGE Exclusive Insights To The Financial Management In Marriage