Enemy at the door!

    Somebody called out to you suddenly as you walked along and said “friend Watch-Out, enemy approaching”! I want you to imagine what your response would be. I am sure you will first-of-all stand still, pulse for a moment and quickly take a

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      What is your ANSWER?

      IF YOU SHOULD DIE NOW, DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU WOULD GO TO HEAVEN? The important question is not whether you are a church member, or if you live a clean life and do the best you can. If you cannot answer. “Yes” to the above question, then God has

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        The Great Light

        How does people feel especially when they experience complete black-out (no electricity) for a whole week, definitely you will agree with me that there will be a complete breakdown of life; virtually all things will be paralyzed. And this is the

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        OUR LEADER

        Rev & Mrs Gideon O Oyedepo

        Rev (Dr) & Rev (Mrs) GIDEON O OYEDEPO

        You are most welcome to our website and we are glad to have you on tour to our growing ministry of raising and building giants ministers, church workers and missionary for the end-time harvest. This is where we have the team of committed and dedicated servants of Christ working tried less with little available resources and with the help of donations of ever-loving brethren that are supporting the ministry and the students on training regardless of their challenges for the mission field.
        God bless you for sharing in our vision! Welcome!


        24 Dec 2019
        All Night of Praise
        Ayetoro-Itele, Ogun-State, Nigeria.
        14 Mar 2020
        Ayetoro-Itele, Ogun-State, Nigeria.
        04 Apr 2020
        Ayetoro-Itele, Ogun-State, Nigeria.

        Achievement is not about FAME but great impart on people around you, that is your true legacy!Tweet



        Danger of Emotional affairs

        Are you truly enjoying your marriage...